What is Mentoring?

Mentorship is teaching and learning at the same time. You learn, perspectives, leadership, empathy. Most students when they come to university have the same problems and the same questions, and your experiences will be very valuable to them.

What we do:

  • Academic and social Mentoring
  • Leadership development
  • Workshops
  • Networking events and opportunities

Expectations from mentors:

Mentors are expected to help the first year's students to allow for a smoother transition into university. They can help with answering the questions first-year students have. This can look like sharing their studying tips and finding what works for them.

Mentors are expected to listen to their mentees and guide them when they can. If they cannot guide or don’t have the resources to do, they should refer them to an organization or someone that they can. The main job of mentors is to GUIDE mentors rather than support them.

Why become a mentor?

Grow as a leader and broaden skill set
help the first year's students to have a smoother transition into university
Reference letter from RESS
Thank you letter from the Dean
End of the year Award Ceremony for mentors

What are the criteria's to become a Mentor?

  • Be able to dedicate at least 2-3 hourly weekly to their mentee; this time can be altered based on needs of mentee/mentor
  • Be willing to learn and provide support to their best capacity
  • To have exceptional experience or a good track record in one of the following
    1. involvement on campus
    2. Doing excellent in their academics
    3. Having an internship/co-ops
  • Attend a mandatory EDI training and mentor training


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