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Message From RESS

First and foremost, we would like to congratulate all of you for being accepted into one the country's best engineering programs! We know that it was a difficult road but rest assured, your time at Ryerson Engineering will be among the best. Our Faculty, Administration, and Student community are here to support you ever step of the way. Should you ever require any assistance, have any questions, or just need to talk, there will always be someone that cares and would love to help you out.

You will learn that there are many tools and resources at Ryerson that you can utilize to be successful in your undergraduate career. The most important resources would be the Ryerson Engineering Student Society, otherwise known as RESS. RESS is a 30 year old student run organization, focused solely on the success of our engineering student body. We provide a variety of services which includes an extensive exam bank, funding for student teams and other endeavours, events for social and academic growth, workshops, tutorial, and many other useful resources. In short, we are here to support you in any way we can. We love getting to know our students, some of you have already started reaching out to us! In the next coming weeks, please feel free to contact us, connect with our social media, and get excited for your next chapter in life.

Finally, realize this. Engineering will be a difficult degree. Some may find it academically challenging, others may come across personal or financial issues. It will take a toll, but just remember that there are 4,200 students who are in the same boat as you. There are people who have experienced the same thing as you, who have experienced something different from you. We are as diverse as can be. Engineers are known for their tenacity, hard work, and for paving the way for a bright future. When times are hard, just remember that your peers are always here to help.